Frances Slocum Orchestra Arrangement Education Package

Frances Slocum Orchestra Arrangement Education Package
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The Frances Slocum Project tells the story of a young Quaker girl who was captured by Delaware Indians and lived for more than 60 years as a part of the Miami Indians nation in Peru, Indiana. The producers of the Frances Slocum DVD and CD, met with the Miami Indians, and were granted permission to use their Native American songs. Jonathan Pineno arranged several of the Miami Indian songs, performed them on Native American style flutes, created a CD of the music, and an orchestra arrangement.

The grade 3 orchestra arrangement includes an optional narration based on the historically accurate information from the movie. The "Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas"  is suitable for an advanced middle school orchestra or high school orchestra, and provides informative lessons about Native American cultures. A partial, sample score and partial narration is available upon request. This Native American Educational Package includes the Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas Grade 3 Orchestra Band Arrangement, Narration, DVD, CD, teacher's guide, and signed souvenir Score.

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